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Welcome to El Greco Hotel Ierapetra Crete Greece

The beautiful little town of Ierapetra is located south of the island of Crete and is known as one of the sunniest regions of Europe with more than three hundred days of sunshine a year.

Endowed as the area is, in the center - just a breath away from its shores - El Greco Boutique Hotel is a 4* hotel full of freshness and Cretan hospitality. As a family matter, it was recently redesigned focusing mainly in design as well as detail, ignoring the cost, thus creating with the same "love" that everyone would give to his home, a beautiful, warm atmosphere with a modern character and emphasis on calm. This balance is seen in every aspect of this boutique hotel, expressed through colors and lighting agreeably diffused, bringing out the refined lines and the plasticity of all details.

Restaurant Porfyra

Its name is taken from the shells that give their red color to the clothes of nobles of old years. Thus “Porfyra” restaurant certainly has something of the prestige of the name.


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